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Music Studio Live


Darrell Nutt and Sarah Hadeka are pleased to share with you the “BEST OF” musical performances from season 01 of Music Studio Live. Hear the stories that influenced the songs and enjoy the “Live” in-studio performances by Tom Phelps, Brian Sutherland, Casey Weston, Letters From Jett, Emir Bukovica, Tim McGeary, and David C. Johnson. 1. "ROUGH" (Episode 06) Tom Phelps written by Tom Phelps Original recorded by Annie May USED WITH PERMISSION 2. “WHERE DO YOU GO” (Episode 04) Brian Sutherland written by Brian Sutherland & Jody Stewart-Regner USED WITH PERMISSION 3. “COCAINE” (Episode 01) Casey Weston written by Casey Weston, Heide Buych & Michaela Sheranko USED WITH PERMISSION 4. “LEAVE ME ALONE” (Episode 07) Letters From Jett (with Sarah Hadeka on piano & Darrell Nutt on percussion) written by Heath Molton USED WITH PERMISSION 5. “SARAJEVO, NEW YORK, ROMA” (Episode 03) Emir Bukovica written by Emir Bukovica USED WITH PERMISSION 6.”STARDUST” (Episode 02) Tim McGeary written by Tim McGeary, Scott Barrier & Donna De Sopo USED WITH PERMISSION 7. "HOME" (Episode 05) David C. Johnson written by David C. Johnson USED WITH PERMISSION Executive Producer DARRELL NUTT Produced, Directed, Edited, & Mixed by DARRELL NUTT Produced by SARAH HADEKA Produced in part by: www.evokestudio.io www.defmediagroup.com Recorded at: defMEDIA RECORDING STUDIO