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Music Studio Live


April 19, 2020Kelly Neff - A wonderful singer/songwriter from Virginia. Kelly Neff joins Darrell Nutt and Sarah Hadeka for episode 109 of Music Studio Live. (We made it to 10 - yeah!) Kelly discusses songwriting from darker places in her life and how she is now writing song since she has become engaged. How does she deal with grief and addiction? Find out in this episode. "RETROGRADE"Kelly Neffwritten by Kelly NeffUSED WITH PERMISSION "EVERYTHING BUT THE HOW"Kelly Neffwritten by Kelly NeffUSED WITH PERMISSION IN STUDIO PERFORMANCE:KELLY NEFF - vocals & acoustic guitarSARAH HADEKA - guitar & vocalsAURORA NOTES - acoustic bass & vocalsDARRELL NUTT - drums Executive ProducerDARRELL NUTT Produced, Directed, Edited, & Mixed byDARRELL NUTT Produced bySARAH HADEKA Recorded at:defMEDIA RECORDING STUDIO Associate Producers & Camera Operators:BRENT BILLMANMATT STEEVES Darrell Nutt Endorses:AMEDIA CYMBALSGOODWOOD DRUMSTICKS Sarah Hadeka Endorses:CURT MANGAN GUITAR STRINGSJH AUDIO IEM