E347 - MM - Why You Should Be Careful of Who You Listen To


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Cash Flow Connections - Real Estate Podcast


In this episode, I discuss why you should be VERY careful who you let into your mental diet. If you haven’t been paying attention, human beings can be drawn towards very cultish behavior.  Most people always assume they would be on the right side of every historical décima, but, of course, that can’t possibly be the case.  Tune in to see how to help ensure the people you follow are not leading down the wrong path. Interested in investing in ATMs? Check out our webinar.   Please note that investing in private placement securities entails a high degree of risk, including illiquidity of the investment and loss of principal. Please refer to the subscription agreement for a discussion of risk factors. Tired of scrambling for capital?  Check out our new FREE webinar -  How to Ensure You Never Scramble for Capital Again (The 3 Capital-Raising Secrets). Click Here to register. CFC Podcast Facebook Group