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Embodiment: The Podcast


Join me and Dr Eva for a discussion about her experience of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, as well as her revcovery journey.     This is my second interview on this topic since discovering what a multifaceted and nuanced disorder it is.    I hope that this conversations will be helpful if you currently suffering with BDD but also a quick trigger warning that there is a mention of suicide at about 6 minutes in so please skip ahead of you feel you will be upset by this.    You can find Dr Eva via her facecebook page - Recovery From BDD    Email - eva@recoveryfrombdd.com   She also has a support group held over Skype on the second and fourth Thursday of every month - details are listed on the BDD Foundation website - https://bddfoundation.org   Listeners can contact her via her email if they would like to join the support group.   Also check out her brilliant article on her recovery from BDD - https://bdd.iocdf.org/about-bdd/how-i-recovered-from-bdd/   If you want to find us, we’re @embodiment.project or you can email us at embodimentthepodcast@gmail.com    Enjoy!