Embracing the Unknowable - Parshat Shmini


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Hey Sweetest Friends -  The world is SO full of beauty.  We only need look out our window, and a million songs of poetry and sublime beauty fills our ears and eyes.  We only need look at the fingers of our hand, or experience our connection with a loved one, to know that the number of blessings and the beautiful architecture of our world is a Divine gift. Yet sometimes life doesn’t make sense.  While we hope and pray to have each and every day filled with blessing, we live in a world that is not yet perfected.  There is sadness in our world.  There is tragedy.  And when that aspect of life touches us, we suddenly find ourselves confused by this incomprehensible side of a Loving God. Here is a meditation for when life doesn’t seem to be making sense: God desires order in his world. That is clear. That you can count on.  So too, does He desire order in your world. You can count on that, too.  True, sometimes, despite your best efforts, your world may not go the way you hoped or anticipated.  Know this: That when the world behaves in a disorderly way, this is an exception, and He has a very good reason for it.   Give a listen to this week’s Shu-Shine for some deep reflections on how to embrace the aspects of life that are beyond our minds and hearts to understand. And may we all be blessed to have our days filled with joy and health and blessing, lending the strength of blessing to those who need our support.   With Tons of love, ~Shu