Empowering Educators: Data-Drive Decision-Making for Positive School Change with Matthew Courtney


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The Employee Experience in Education Podcast


"One of the rules that I have when I work with folks - I call it the ‘research says’ rule. I'll put a little bell on the table, and sometimes we pass it around. And anytime someone says research says, we ring the bell and we stop. We say ‘whose research says that? In what context do do that research say that?’ And we hold ourselves accountable to being as specific and transparent as possible.

But how can school leaders effectively empower educators to make evidence-based decisions?

On this episode, we’ll speak with Matthew Courtney, a specialist in evidence-based decision making in school improvement settings. Today, Matthew shares his unique insights on the crucial role of knowledge brokering in helping educators apply research to solve deep-rooted problems.

Matthew also discusses:

  • The importance of deep root cause analysis using local data
  • The essential steps for creating a sustainable system for evidence-based decision-making
  • And the secrets to empowering educators through transparent communication

Guest Bio - Dr. Matthew B. Courtney is a passionate advocate for education and a specialist in evidence-informed school improvement. He began his career as a music educator before moving on to leadership roles within the nonprofit, higher education, and state government sectors. Dr. Courtney is a published researcher whose work focuses on school improvement.

As the founder of Courtney Consulting LLC, he’s advised schools on leveraging evidence-based decision-making to accelerate student achievement. His impact extends beyond students and schools, influencing state-wide educational policies. Dr. Courtney's expertise and dedication continue to bridge gaps in education, fostering progress and development in diverse communities.

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