Empowering Minds - Episode 4


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Empowering Minds


Episode 4 of our podcast series – Empowering Minds – attempts to answer the question: what is normal? And, more specifically, what is normal in the mental health experience? Podcast host Laura Marchetti is joined by four experts who help her to unpack the understanding of normality and mental health. Dr Zsófia Demjén, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics in London explores how language influences the way we frame and understand mental (ill) health. Professor Peter Kinderman from the University of Liverpool (UK) sheds some light on how mental health and normality are approached in the medical practice. With Kees Dijkman, mental health ambassador from the Netherlands, we turn attention to the media landscape and how it translates the way mental health and mental health problems are portrayed in media. Dominique de Marné, social entrepreneur and mental health advocate from Germany talks about her own personal experience and the misconceptions around the notion of normality. We would like to say thank you to PurplePlanet.com for the music featured in this episode.