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Of Secrets, Nature ... and ... of my Cats


For the audio Podcast of poem, click below on title in bold: ENCHANTRESSYou can also get this Podcast from iTunes!Enchantress is a poem about Enlightenment.An Enchantress for me is not so much one who invokes the Elements to work her will, but rather, she who seeks to unlock doors of other Realms. Her dance is the weave of energies in a desire to become part of the All.In this poem she is given those keys and passage to those Realms. Where she may dance the dance of Enlightenment and to rejoin in that dance whenever she may desire.I see her at night under a bright full moon, her regalia in the colors of life and that the dance she weaves is one of pure joy. For a pdf file for the words of this poem click here: Enchantress.pdfTo contact me, you may email me at: rhosebard@yahoo.com,or visit my WebSite at: www.EldritchTradition.comIf you'd like to Subscribe to this Feed at Feedburner, click on image below: