Ep. 15 with Ben Vernon, Stabbed on Duty


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Over a Cup


On June 24th, 2015 firefighter / paramedic Ben Vernon was stabbed on duty by a random bystander. The entire attack took only a few seconds, but Ben came very close to being killed. With his lung punctured and ribs broken, Ben thought he just needed to physically heal and then he’d be back to who he was before. Unfortunately, the path forward wasn’t that easy. Ben tells us about his road to recovery including the challenges he faced in finding a clinician who was a good fit for him. He tells us the success he finally found with therapy and EMDR and what he wants first responders to know about speaking up and getting help. To hear more from Ben & Alex and watch the video of the incident click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4nBVt6ODB0&t=61s To learn more about our product sponsor and to use the 20% off promo code OVERACUP visit www.SaferStraps.com SaferStraps offer the industries' only fully waterproof, field cleanable and laser sealed radio strap and tactical belts on the market.