Ep. 17 with Staff Sergeant Travis Mills (ret), quadruple amputee


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Over a Cup


On April 14, 2012 Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills woke up in a hospital in Germany after spending 4 days in a coma. It was his 25th birthday. 4 days earlier he had been blown up by an IED in Afghanistan and was now a quadruple amputee. I was honored to speak with Travis and to hear his story first hand. He is the epitome of resilience and is someone who honestly does not dwell on the past. As Travis says “you can’t always control the situation but you can control your attitude.” Despite missing all four limbs Travis says he doesn’t think of himself as different than any other person. He just “has a few more steps to get ready in the morning.” Travis shares his story and recovery journey with us and also talks about the importance of getting mental health help when you need it. Travis and his wife Kelsey run the Travis Mills Foundation, which is a non-profit for recalibrated warriors and their families. To learn more about this amazing organization visit https://travismillsfoundation.org/