Demystifying Plastic Footprint - with Domini Santschi


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Packaging Talks


The term "Plastic Footprint" has become increasingly newsworthy. But what does it actually mean? In this episode of Packaging Talks, Dominic Santschi, Co Founder of Ampliphi in conversation with Dr.R.Rangaprasad, unravels the new concept.

Tune in to find more about Plastic Footprint and the benefit the packaging industry can reap from it.

About Dominic Santschi

Dominic Santschi is a Co-Founder of Ampliphi - an intelligent environmental action platform enabling companies to measure, reduce, and communicate their plastic footprint. Before starting Ampliphi, Dominic worked with a leading plastic credit provider where he spearheaded partnership and business development projects. In this role, he lived in India, the UK, and Switzerland, engaging with myriad multi-stakeholder initiatives such as the US Plastics Pact and the Ocean Plastic Leadership Network. Dominic holds an MSc in Climate Change, Management & Finance from Imperial College London.

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