EP 28 - In a world that’s all about the Web3 bubble, there’s no room for chewing gum bubbles.


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Storm the Norm


In a world that’s all about the Web3 bubble, there’s no place for chewing gum bubbles.

Now, that’s a big and provocative norm to challenge about a category—and about large FMCG companies—that have built not just big customer bases for themselves but I daresay, also responsible for creating the kind of unparalleled mom-and-pop retail footprint in India that very few other categories can.

And I don’t say it lightly. The world of brands today seems to be about one or more of the following three things: purpose, planned purchase journeys, and pivots enabled by disruptive tech. Where’s the place for a frivolous, impulse-driven, unchanging product category in this world?

So how can an impulse category pivot to succeed in a D2C world, where the rules of commerce, culture and communications may be very different?And today’s norm is not just an existential question but a practical one that our guest Mr Rajesh Ramakrishnan, has been tackling at the helm of Perfetti even before the pandemic, but also through it.de!