Ep 45: Making the HARD decisions EASIER in your Business - Coaching Conversations


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People Profits & Purpose Podcast with Nick Psaila


How do you make decisions in business? Do you trust your instincts? Do you trust your processes when faced with weighing up pros and cons? In this episode of Coaching Conversations, Nick Psaila and Chris Herbert want you to “back yourself in business”. Qualify who you want to work with before you line up the options. If you’re not feeling it, learn how to dig deeper. The reasons will save you heartache, headaches and even bigger dollars. So … discover how to get the most out of good decision-making by identifying and trusting those gut instincts…. in the latest “Coaching Conversations” with Nick and Chris ….! Time Code/Show Notes 0.22    Welcome to the show and intro. 1.38  Nick gets to the nitty-gritty of trusting your gut with a tale about a difficult client – and we’ve all had those! Qualify your client on the front end and determine what you want from the transaction. Identify and trust your own feelings. 4.40  Pre-engage with the client, whether that’s through your first line reception or call center. Check your filters and hoops so your clients fit your particular criteria. 6.30   According to Nick, trusting your sixth sense is paramount;         emotions play a huge part in the decision-making process no matter how impartial your structures and filters in business may be. Identify those with similar energies. Finely tune your   “people radar” in the workspace just as you would in a social situation. 8.25  Does your heart react faster than the brain? Nick talks about how you can make more influential decisions minus ego. 11.01  Listen to your senses, use your logic. There’s a natural synergy to the elements of knowing what you value and knowing what you want. As Chris asserts, if your values do not align with a  client or colleague, you’re inviting a world of hurt. Is it worth your time moving forward? Listen to your instincts! 13.40   Be aware of compromising your sanity and values for the dollar.        There should be no decision when the only options are losing your money or your soul.  If you can free yourself from a working partnership that is going nowhere, you make yourself available to others where you can make a real difference.  16.00  Don’t concentrate on the one percent. Let them go and give your time and energy to the clients who share your values. 20.00  If it feels wrong, it probably is! Chris paraphrases Tony                        Robbins “If you trade expectation with appreciation your entire life will change”… 23.00  If you want to break down your decision making processes talk to us this week at ask@upcoach.com.au    EPISODE SUMMARY        The essence of today’s chat? Being true to yourself and acting with integrity. Know when to deconstruct a personal or business relationship should you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall….it’s a clear sign that you are not acting in line with your values. Listen to your gut. With a greater level of awareness, you can trust yourself in a decision and stick with it. And the reason you need to back yourself and trust your instincts? They’re “built” for you. Gut reactions are yours and yours alone; a bespoke system to guide you away from danger and towards those who share your energy and values.