Ep 46: How to Juggle a Business & Kids - Coaching Conversations


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People Profits & Purpose Podcast with Nick Psaila


Are you running a business - and a family? Does your work take you away from your kids? If you’re deep down a rabbit hole searching for work-life integration, this episode of Coaching Conversations will delve deep into those conflicting fears – and how you can overcome them. Nick and Chris will draw on their own personal stories plus the latest in research and light bulb moments so you can give your business – and your family – the attention they need. Listen now for life hacks to work-life balance in the latest “Coaching Conversations” with Nick and Chris …. Time Code/Show Notes 0.22   Welcome to the show and intro. 2.10   The tables have turned and the spotlight is on Chris. His advice on navigating family life and running successful business pivots on the notion of “balance”. Energy and time is juggled but only to a tipping point. Chris uses a See-Saw analogy to deftly explain why you need to recognise that “tipping point” and be at peace with the acceptable to and froe. 4.15    Do you challenge yourself to keep the See-Saw equally balanced? Because the reality is, you cannot be in both places at once. Ask yourself, where do you need to be spending your time, right now. Frustration, anxiety, stress and manifested health conditions are all by-products of trying to keep the See-Saw balanced. In short,  stop trying. It’s no good for you, your business or your family. 6.20   The best way out of the rabbit hole of guilt, is to assess your priorities in any given moment, day or week. Chris insists on structuring your days and minutes – eg; “from 4 – 6.30 pm my family is my most important priority” This might mean closing your computer, muting your phone. Identify the priority and be comfortable saying “this is what matters most” in that moment. 10.25   Discipline and ruthlessness.  If you want it badly enough, you will do it. As Nick succinctly says, “your kids don’t stop growing and you don’t get that time back”. It’s simple to make time when you make it the top priority in that moment. 11.40  How do you prioritise your favourite things? Chris breaks down his typical day (it’s always curious to know how other people approach the same 24 hours!). 16.25    Nick gives an insight into his particular style of “work-life integration”. 18.00   You’d be surprised at the respect and understanding clients have when they know you’re prioritizing your family time. 19.00  It works both ways. Being present applies to both your home              AND work life. 23.00  If you’re a business owner needing guidance on work-life                integration, contact us asap at ask@upcoach.com.au  EPISODE SUMMARY        What is your takeaway from this inspirational conversation? Is it that “being present in the moment” matters? When you break down those priorities, your kids need you as much, if not more, than your business does. So as a business owner with a young family, you must master the discipline to be “in the moment” - and keep that See Saw moving evenly days, weeks, months ahead. Own your time ruthlessly and give priorities your undivided attention. Apply and dedicate work where you need to. And stick to that routine.   Plus - know that the pressure you put on yourself to get things done and be all things to all people – is just that. Self-created pressure. Time to let it go, choose to be ruthless, and value your time with those most valuable in your life!  (Oh… and don’t take your phone to the dinner table, okay ?)