Ep 47: Health or Wealth - Which comes First? - Coaching Conversations


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People Profits & Purpose Podcast with Nick Psaila


You invest in your business – but how often do you invest in your health? In this episode, Nick and Chris dig deep on the relevance of Wealth versus Health. If you forego balance, you accept the risk of running yourself into the ground because your business WILL suffer. But how do you prioritize mental and physical wellness when business is so tough right now? Listen to this inspirational chat on work-life balance in the latest “Coaching Conversations” with Nick and Chris …. Time Code/Show Notes 0.22  Welcome to the show and intro. 1.25   Nick dives headfirst into deconstructing the old adage, “if you don’t have your health, you have nothing… and counters it with the argument that money is life-blood for business owners. Health and wealth is an easier balance when you work for someone else because you can take paid sick leave. But the guilt piles on if you’re a business owner who takes a day off. 3.45   What is your priority? Is it a consistent priority? If it is wealth,              Nick talks about what can suffer. Conversely, if your bank account isn’t prioritized, there’s some crashing realities you’ll also have to consider. 7.05  What is your current status? Are you building your empire,                  burning the midnight oil? Is that level of commitment sustainable to good health? 8.25  Nick asserts you must “listen to your gut”. How do you really feel about your current balance and can you recognize the tipping point? Too much other way and it can all go pear-shaped. 11.40   Removing yourself from the race, regularly, gives you insight into how you are dealing with that “balance”. Chris talks about how walking each morning helps with insight.   12.33  Do you “invest in self” daily? Chris recounts the consequences off a Michelin starred chef who slept under kitchen benches so he was in the “office” before his staff each day. 14.15   The million-dollar question is this; how do you integrate both health and wealth? Nick reveals his exercise regime and how it helps him focus on what’s immeasurably more important. Do you exercise daily? How about meditation? 15.20  Everyone should find just fifteen minutes in their day to get the body moving. No excuse is valid.  Sometimes your body needs that spotlight because it’s saying “ I need you”. Listen to your inner voice and make sure moments in your day are about YOU. 18.30  What works best for you is easily determined when you give yourself leeway to care about your health. Why does Health v Wealth have to be a “choice”? What if it was purely a case of integration? 19.25   Every three months, take three days off. That’s Nick’s secret to re-energizing! 23.00   If you’re a business owner needing guidance on work-life                integration, contact us asap at ask@upcoach.com.au EPISODE SUMMARY        Chasing wealth and status works…  until your brain and body doesn’t. Invest in “self”, daily. It will catch up with you if you don’t and dangerous coping mechanisms are never the answer. Ask yourself, right now, how is the division of Health and wealth serving you? Which one really comes first? Nick and Chris firmly believe that you must invest in “self” before you can invest in the business. If you listen to your gut, you’ll realise that it simply isn’t a choice. Learning to integrate both is, ultimately, worth striving for - and putting a value on your time and health, is priceless. So, perhaps a good place to start is to jump online and book a three day weekend, stat! And … look after yourself ?