Ep 49 - Five Ninja Mind Hacks for Better Wellbeing - Coaching Conversations


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People Profits & Purpose Podcast with Nick Psaila


In today’s episode of Coaching Conversations, Nick and Chris jump straight into the Five Ninja Mind Hacks to make sure you’re “on your game!” A good mindset is enormously important to success in business – and it underpins your relationships to bring a healthier, balanced lifestyle. Learn to identify ways to feed a positive mindset by pushing back on the situations you can control. Couched in several plant-based analogies, explore how you can “re-fertilize” your environment so your mind is nourished and prepared. There’s a whole lot of good stuff in today’s “Coaching Conversations…… so enjoy! Time Code/Show Notes 0.22   Welcome to the show and intro. 2.05   Nick buys a houseplant and digs deep for five revelatory concepts. Be mindful of your environment and nourish the soil in accordance. Are you in the wrong environment – can you control your surroundings? When traveling, switch off the telly, turn up a podcast, watch a doco, learn something! 4.12   Can you push back in certain situations and take control of your environment? 4.41   Returning to the analogy of nutrient-rich soil, are you living a pressurised existence that is draining your “mindset”  of rich, nourishing life food?  A plant is only as good as the soil in which it lives. Is your mind thriving on the environmental foundations you - and others - have laid over the years? 6.20   How are your fighting inevitable brain fog and unclear thinking from layers of business and personal stress? Recognize if you are quick to anger and look deeply at the environment you are in right now. Ask yourself “what is the spoiled type”. Your mind’s  “garden bed” will be barren if the soil is devoid of nutrients. 7.50   Re-invest in the soil. If you take crop after crop without re- fertilizing, imagine the stress on those foundations. It’s the same with your mind. Rejuvenating your own foundations on a regular basis has only positive benefits. 9.15   De-weeding. Weeds are strong and agile like negative thought patterns. Don’t let them take over and destroy all … nothing will grow in an arid environment. 11.55   The only reason a weed exists is that you’ve allowed it nourishment – you’ve nurtured that negative thought, given it permission to thrive. You are stronger than any weed! And that includes conversations that are now at Covid-saturation. Avoid the negative, the sensationalism, the lock-down talk. Shift your focus. 14.00   Be self-aware. What are the good seeds you want to sow?                  Read, watch, listen, discuss – these are sunshine and water to grow your seeds. You have a choice. Nourish yourself with the good stuff. 19.00   Change pots! Growth occurs when the roots have a chance to spread. Growth occurs when you have more room to re-seed! As you become stronger, you’ll change pots multiple times but the plant still has your original DNA. 22.40   Worry about the internal stuff – not the external stuff. Growth happens when you look inward and nurture your own thoughts. It is a real journey to becoming spiritually evolved and you can start now! 24.45  Reach out to us if you’re curious about a mindset over-haul, contact us at ask@upcoach.com.au  EPISODE SUMMARY        A good plant in the wrong soil is always going to struggle. So, what are the Five (Plant Based) Ninja Mind Hacks to take away? Environment and building the right soil type. De-weeding those negative thoughts. Planting quality seeds for a positive yield. And don’t forget to change the pot, or you’ll stunt that hard-earned growth. Warding off brain and decision fatigue is a simple commitment to looking after your own mental wellbeing – that is, re-investing in the “soil” that is your brain’s foundation. You must re-fertilize so growth happens! And finally, don’t forget, reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. Reinvest and rejuvenate your mind by always feeding it the right ingredients!