Ep 50: Become Naturally SOLUTIONS Focused - Coaching Conversations


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People Profits & Purpose Podcast with Nick Psaila


In today’s episode of Coaching Conversations, Nick and Chris break down the how to’s of becoming more “solution-focused” in business. If you struggle with “problem-focused” thinking, this insightful conversation will shift the way you look at your day-to-day. Because you can’t keep doing the same thing, the same way – and expect it to keep working. Coaching Conversations opens up the dialogue on what you can do to stop dealing with the problem and start focusing on the solution right now… Take notes and be inspired! Time Code/Show Notes 0.22  Welcome to the show and intro. 2.05  What mindset do you need to get out of your current problem?            Not the thinking that got you into it! Solution-based thinking is not beating yourself up or doing the job yourself.  Martyrdom is not solutions based! Don’t get “stuck” in the “drama”. 5.20   Nicks illustrates relevant solution-based thinking in a Covid economy as “how do we open up” – not “how can we keep closing down”. Nick calls this “low-level thinking” which often creates further panic, fear, and paralysis 7.15   Do you open yourself up to the opportunities that do exist? Are you mired in negativity, focused on what doesn’t work? 7.50  Creative thinking versus native thinking. Is your native level of thought “glass half full”? 12.30   Nick returns to his discussion on Elon Musk’s Mars endeavours with comparison to tradies on site. Should you start with the end creative “solution” in mind? Can you begin with the solution and reverse engineer? Don’t patch the hose repeatedly (problem-based) - replace with a brand new hose. That’s solution-based! Easy! 15.40   There’s nothing wrong with “technician based thinking” - but strive for managerial or entrepreneurial. This is where solution-based thinking begins. 19.10  How many times do you patch problems…? Shift up your thinking so behaviour becomes patternistic. Ask yourself - is this going to create long term benefit. Am I really fixing the issue? 20.35   Free up mental space for creativity by diarising. 23.10   `If all you’ve got is a hammer, everything else looks like nails’ Thinking “native” is a lazy way of thinking. Begin the creativity process by moving away from the ‘noise’. 25.40   Fear and anxiety are enemies of the creative process. Give yourself space to begin – and writing it down is a good start. 26.40   Putting it on paper makes it real. 29.00   Interplanetary exploration is today’s metaphor for creative solution finding in your business! 27.05   Did this open up a whole lot of new scenarios around thinking?        If you’re keen to hear more ways to channel a                                            solutions-based mindset, contact us at ask@upcoach.com.au                                           EPISODE SUMMARY        What a conversation! When you realise your best master is your mind, you’re on the right path! Central to the idea of mindset change is straight-up asking yourself “do I want to keep on patching the hose?” Another takeaway here is that “solution driven” aspects are achievable when you deconstruct the Creative versus Native thinking patterns. Will you give yourself space to “re-imagine the rocket ship” and get yourself off the problem-focused, patch-job treadmill? If you’re tired of dealing with problems, it’s time to work on the decisions that bring about solutions. Get your head in the game and make space for creativity. Because if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got!