Walking the highwire without a net (Anna Murray)


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Witty: Women In Tech Talk To Yaz


Anna Murray is the President of tmg-e*media, one of the earliest web development firms founded in 1996, now a boutique technology consulting firm. Anna is a speaker and author, The Complete Software Project Manager. Previously, Anna was the Chief Intelligence of Officer at Time Out New York. Anna has a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University, and a Masters of Science in Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Anna talks about entrepreneurship in the early technology boom, navigating sexist behavior from women, and the geopolitical implications of blockchain. Reach out to Anna on Twitter and LinkedIn. Learn more about tmg-emedia here. Stay up to date with Witty through our website, LinkedIn or email us at podcastwitty@gmail.com.Support the show (http://wittypod.com)