Ep. 855: White Sox complete exhibition sweep against Cubs


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Vinnie Duber, Anthony Herron and Nick Shepkowski join Kap on a Tuesday edition of STL.Eloy Jimenez and the White Sox offense pound Yu Darvish as they complete an exhibition sweep. Should Sox fans be disappointed if their team misses the playoffs? Meanwhile, Anthony Rizzo knows that this is the last dance for this Cubs core. Do they have a chance to win another ring?The NFL proposed eliminating the preseason. If that happens, does that give Mitch Trubisky the edge in the QB competition? Plus, Kap asks the panelists if they would risk going to training camp if they were a rookie.Later, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale joins Kap to preview the 2020 MLB season. Are the White Sox too young to be good in a shortened season? Do the AL & NL Central teams have an advantage?Finally, Stan Bowman hopes Corey Crawford can travel with the team to Edmonton. If they can’t beat the Oilers, might they be better off losing to get a chance at the number one pick?0:00 – Eloy Jimenez and the Sox pound Yu Darvish. Should Sox fans be disappointed if this young team does not make the playoffs?3:00 - Anthony Rizzo says the Cubs are aware this is their last chance to win another title. Do they have a shot?6:00 - The NFL is thinking about eliminating the preseason. If there are no exhibition games, does that help Mitch in the QB competition?11:00 - USA Today’s Bob Nightengale joins Kap to preview the MLB season. Does the White Sox’ youth put them at a disadvantage? And has the improved COVID-19 testing bode well for the season?19:00 - Stan Bowman says he hopes Corey Crawford travels with the Blackhawks to Edmonton? Do they have a shot against the Oilers? Could they be better off losing and winning the lottery?