EP04: Our Secrets to Developing a Marketing Strategy - Part 2


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XYZ Approach


Jonathan and Adam stress the significance of creating a marketing plan based on a deep understanding of your audience. They highlight the need to go beyond basic demographics and consider how your audience interacts with different platforms. They discuss the importance of conducting research, setting realistic expectations, and putting reminders in place to stay on track. They emphasize that it's not always the best product that wins in the market, but rather the company that understands and speaks to the market the best.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding your audience is crucial for building an effective marketing strategy.
  • Different tools and platforms should be used based on how your audience interacts with them.
  • Setting realistic expectations and putting reminders in place helps you stay on track with your marketing plan.


  • "Your audience is really going to determine all other areas in your marketing strategy." - Jonathan
  • "You need to get as close to this person as you possibly can and get to know them on a personal level." - Adam
  • "It's not always the best product that ends up winning in the market... It's the company that understands the market the best and speaks to them the best that will win." - Jonathan
  • "You have to write it down... You have to put action into place for your team." - Adam