Ep#12 | Achieving your goals for 2021 | Science behind goal setting


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New Year is a natural point for us to carve out our visions and goals for the year ahead. But research suggests that more than 80% of people give up on their New Year resolutions. In today’s podcast I am sharing science backed approaches that will help you stick to your new year resolutions. Why self-compassion is important in this process? Simple ideas that help you stick to your goals. To learn more about the topic, please check the following podcasts:

  1. Dr. Rick Hanson https://www.rickhanson.net/being-well-podcast-how-to-make-2021-your-best-year/
  2. Dr. Laurie Santos https://www.happinesslab.fm/2021-new-year-mini-season/episode-1-dump-your-inner-drill-sergeant

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