Ep.20 WE ARE STILL YOUNG AT HEART | 47 YRS KI YAARI | Ashish Vidyarthi & Arun Bhardwaj


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What do two 57 yr olds have in common?

A Zidd to Never Give Up!

Arun Bhardwaj and I have known each other since the age of 10 yrs growing up together in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.

A serial entrepreneur, investor, C-level executive, and mentor to startups in various fields such as electric vehicle aggregators, software, etc. driving companies' growth strategies, Arun is an expert in the technology domain, a dear friend, and an amazing human being.

A quick turn of events and we decide to meet each other in Lonavala. As we meet, we catch up on our whereabouts and the conversation flows into one that leaves us energized!

What can you take away from the journey of two 57 yr old, this conversation is about that.

Hoping this adds value to you.

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Alshukran Bandhu,

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Topics covered in the conversation:

1:59 What does Arun Bhardwaj do?

3:42 How has Arun repurposed his learnings from his education and career, working with A-listed media firms?

5:29 How can we empower ourselves through our life experiences?

5:55 How important is it to have a strong foothold in our domain and how does Arun define core?

7:29 What is Ashish doing on social media?

7:42 What you can learn from our life experiences - Life advice from two 57 yr old.


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