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Namaskar, Bandhu! Welcome to the first episode of "Zindagi Vibes", a podcast show that explores life from the perspective of Ashish Vidyarthi. This candid podcast is to do with all things related to life and how we can together explore ways to find happiness in this one amazing life, deal with our challenges and become the best versions of ourselves each day.

This light-hearted and frothy share of life experiences is unscripted and that's why you'll witness it flow. Just two friends trying to find answers to simple questions of life.

In this 1st episode of ZV, the duo: Ashish Vidyarthi & Divya Sane have a conversation on a topic that affects all of us - Anger.

Taking cues from Ashish's personal life experiences, they delve into How anger controls the outcome of our actions, and most importantly, how we can control it.

So, let's dive into Zindagi Vibes and explore the beautiful art of controlling anger.

We hope that you will find this conversation valuable.

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Also, do let us know if you would like to see more such conversations from this duo.

Alshukran Bandhu,

Alshukran Zindagi.



1:34 Does Ashish Vidyarthi get angry?

2:00 How does he deal with anger?

6:00 Reality of anger

9:19 First step towards understanding anger

10:30 What to do when I get angry?

Steps on how to control your anger?


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