Ep21, Caroline Hughes, Lifetise - Money, Authenticity & Being An Agitator


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Creative Connections With Rachel Matthews


From here on out, my conversations with guests will be on all things rebellion in work and business. I'll continue to bring gripping and practical interviews with entrepreneurs, experts and creatives where we dissect the topics of creativity, innovation, authenticity and challenging the status quo.   The first-ever Rebel In Progress guest is Caroline Hughes is the co-founder and CEO of Lifetise. It's fantastic to partner with Caroline of Lifetise to kick off the rebel chats as I fully believe she is advancing with the next generation of leaders that aim to be open around the realities of business. She shares the personal development involved in being an agitator and stepping into a leadership position. And her relationship with money; moulded by difficult circumstances which has fuelled her mission to help others with money planning.   In this episode we discuss: - Money - Being an agitator at work - Leading with authenticity and vulnerability - Redefining professionalism - Finding the best talent through an inclusive remote-working model - Challenging the status quo in the financial services industry - How being an outsider is an asset   To find out more on the financial planning tool, you can go to Lifetise's website .