EP22 - Kate Smurthwaite - Guardian of the Comedy Establishment (Ft Will Franken & Chris Dangerfield)


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Men, Sex & Feminism


  Samantha Pressdee, Will Franken and Chris Dangerfield discuss the guardian of the comedy establishment Kate Smurthwaite. Following the censorship of a recent comedy gig we wonder; Are thought police using feminism as a disguise to kill comedy and our freedom of expression?   www.patreon.com/samanthapressdee   http://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2018/02/23/39218/feminist_backlash_shuts_down_free_speech_gig   https://voicerepublic.com/talks/episode-308-kate-smurthwaite-ii   http://willfranken.com   Chris’ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSkC7KNQHSSeOfRGtKgDm4A