EP25 - Audio has always been a poor cousin of video, whether in the analog age or in the digital age


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Storm the Norm


A picture speaks a thousand words. Indeed. But it is what you hear orally that stays with you for time immemorial. Even before video or the written word was a thing, we have evolved for millennia as oral cultures. 

And yet, when you look at it from a business point of view (myopic as that may sound, but hey we’re a business podcast) audio has always been and continues to be a poor cousin to video, and we daresay even to the written word. We’ve heard of movie czars and newspaper czars, but have you ever heard of a radio czar? Have you ever heard of an equivalent of Reed Hastings or Netflix for audio? Heck, even the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos put his bets on video with Amazon Prime and publishing the written word. And for all the hype that the iPod got when Steve Jobs first introduced it, it’s seen as a bit of a quaint anachronism now and Apple is known more for its phone and computing devices. And to top it all, we haven’t seen a single audio unicorn anywhere in the world. 

This is the norm that’s being stormed by our hosts Anisha Motwani and Narayan Devanathan in Episode 25 of Storm the Norm podcast series powered by #GTBharat.

Talking about the medium, its popularity and shifts in way of consumption, the hosts are joined by Prashant Panday, CEO & MD, Radio Mirchi. Vicky Bahl, Partner and Leader, Sales Transformation, sharing GT Insights talks about how despite technological disruption the audio medium has evolved over the years and it is important for businesses to participate in the industry that's snowballing and will continue to stay relevant.

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