Ep26 - To foster business resilience, size is the best insulation against shock


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Storm the Norm


The Covid-19 crisis exposed stark differences in the fortunes of different small and medium-sized businesses. Larger businesses did have an edge & were less hard-hit as a group. These were the ones who were able to take some knocks, bounce back, restart, adapt better than others.”.

But we also know that the world at large & we don’t just mean the world of business and economics is mostly made of the long tail—from the results of a Google search to stocks listed on any exchange beyond the big index-driving stocks to mom-and-pop retail that drive and support the consumer economy, we see that it’s the small entities that sustain the world. And if these weren’t resilient, then we would have sunk as a socio-industrial-economic complex a long time back—whether we consider the global or the local economy.

So where do we net out on this norm? Does size of operation insulate a business against shocks?

Listen in to our guest expert Siddharth Nigam & a complete Storm the Norm RESILIENCE TOOLKIT as a handy ready-reckoner.