Ep27 - Human trust can never be replaced by algorithmic trust


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Storm the Norm


First time ever in India, a podcast from one of world’s best blockchain & token economic specialist from Israel, Mr. Jonathan Caras telling us how can an algorithm—a structured set of instructions encoded to enable repeatable tasks with the same consistent result every time—create or replace a phenomenon like trust?

Trust which is a function of 3 human dimensions.

Subjectivity is just one dimension of trust as we know it. One’s currently held beliefs play a large part in how one approaches an object of trust. A second dimension is the fragility of trust—it can be broken by something that may not necessarily be a disastrously bad mistake or error of judgment. A third dimension is that it takes time to build trust—it’s not something that can be generated instantly, not even overnight.

So how can technology replace all the above?

Listen in as Narayan & Anisha take this up with our global expert as he systematically storms this norm that has a far-bearing effect on businesses of the future.

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