Episode 012: Greg interviews Steve Farber on his book, Love Is Just Damn Good Business


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Find Your Purpose - Live Your Passion with Gregory Knapp


Episode 012: Greg interviews Steve Farber on his book, Love Is Just Damn Good BusinessIn this episode: You CAN show love in business AND be successful  In fact, showing love the right way is GREAT for your business If you love your customers, how would you show that? Three categories of people and how they think about love and business The radical LEAP for you business: L=love, E=energy, A=audacity, P=Proof Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do How LOVE gets your customer to stay with you no matter what How to set up this culture if you own the business or are in charge Real life examples of how this works in business Changing the culture and using love to grow your business takes time, but it’s worth it How to measure the ROI for love in your business How to lead if you don’t own the business You can’t fake the love for the results you want Be authenticEmail Greg with questions you want him to cover on the podcast and any comments you have at greg@gregorybknapp.comCall and leave a voicemail question or comment for Greg 904-373-6591Free eBook 5 steps to finding your passionate purpose at my website gregorybknapp.com it will pop up for you when you go to the website.Book Greg to speak at your event, organization, or conference http://gregorybknapp.com/my-speaking-page/Get coached by Greg http://gregorybknapp.com/coaching/Get Greg’s book, GO! How to Find and Pursue Your Passionate Purpose, for free! http://gregorybknapp.com/gofree/ Steve Farber’s website https://www.stevefarber.com/Get Steve’s new book, Love Is Just Damn Good Business https://www.stevefarber.com/books/love-is-just-damn-good-business/