Episode-08 - Listener's Hub -001 - Srila Bhattacharya


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Stories from Upanishads

Religion & Spirituality

Hello, my friends and listeners, today’s episode is very different from all other episodes. If you remember, I ask a few questions at the end of each episode. The listener with correct answers will be invited to my show, so today is the day where I will have the first ever - Listener’s hub episode. Srila Bhattacharya from California USA answered the questions correctly from the episode of Satyakama. So I interviewed her recently and was enriched to know her thoughts on the messages from Upanishads. 

Listener’s hub is an open platform, if you want to share your thoughts on the messages of Upanishads please email me at arghyathinks@gmail.com and I will be really happy to host you and talk to you about your thoughts on Upanishads.


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