Episode 1


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Above and Below


Above and Below-Pilot Episode Welcome to MIDNIGHT CITY. Population: Seven Trillion. A self sufficient empire divided into ten distinct social sectors, many of which struggle in perpetual darkness whilst suffering at the hands of a far reaching war between countless criminal families. Surviving reluctantly within the heart of this nightmare is MARCUS REACHMAN, constantly in search of a decent case that can help pay his rent. Working alongside an eccentric young woman known only as ALISS, Marcus traverses the horrifying highs and torturous lows of Midnight as he strives to uncover it's every dark conspiracy, desperate to stay one step ahead of the mysterious adversary who has begun to pursue him...an adversary who harbors surprising ties to Marcus's own dark past. Only one thing is for sure: in Midnight City, danger can lurk around every corner....and secrets discovered in the most unexpected of places....