Episode 1 - "Of wolves and dragons"


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Kids D&D


This is our first podcast episode.  This is an actual play episodeMe and my two boys play the first part of a game of D&D.We're using the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D 1e) that was published in 1978.  I do screw up the rules quite a bit, but hey, that's D&D!Disclaimers:I'm a beginning DM and the story is completely free-form, so don't expect a majestic storyline - however it's AD&D1e and it's little kids who are playing it, so it's still cool. There *are* occasionally really strange audio effects in it.  It's probably my recording equipment (which is nothing more than my phone).  It's not FULL of them, but they do exist and they're annoying.  For these I apologize.DownloadPlay in browser: