Episode 1 - Part 1 - Hitchhiking Childhood Dreams - SERIAL KILLER


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Basic Murder Babes

True Crime

Hey guys! I have decided to join Alecia over at Twisted and Uncorked podcast! If you enjoy this episode, search for Twisted and Uncorked wherever you are listening to this now and hit the subscribe button! We are starting off fresh as Sierra and Alecia of Twisted and Uncorked. For our first episode of the new and improved show, we are starting off with a bang... Ted Bundy! In part one we dissect his childhood, adolescence, and what many believe was his breaking point. Alecia takes us through his Washington and Oregon murders. For our wine we are sticking with a rose theme for this three part'er. Happy Tuesday all and keep on keeping it twisted... Cheers!Remember to rate, review, and subscribe. It is the best way to spread the word.This weeks episode we feature the I Had To Say It Podcast - be sure to check it out!