Episode 10: 30 x Experience cards to avoid common Makeup artistry mistakes


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Thank you for listening to this episode of the Podcast. EPISODE 10 SHOW NOTES: Date: 31/03/19 Summary of Topics of the show covered: 30 x Experience cards from the eye and mind of a Makeup Educator This week I review some common mistakes that I get to observe as an educator and how to problem solve those issues. We will look at this in three sections of 10 Common mistakes on Eyes, Lips and Face, so grab a pen and lets learn from experience and how to become better at the craft of Professional Makeup Artistry. *Eyes 10 x Experience cards *Lips 10 x Experience cards *Face 10 x Experience cards Our school offers technical and creative instruction and more information on our courses can be found at www.houseofglamdolls.com