Episode 10: DALLAS WEEK- Take Their Hearts


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Brought to you by DeliverPhilly4, and Garrison Roofing!LIVE from Krick Wuder as we are EVERY Tuesday!This week is self explanatory, but we'll remind you in case you're a little sleepy, it's DALLAS WEEK!!In this episode the guys discuss last week's game vs Washington including Miles Sanders big day, Carson Wentz clutch 4th quarter comeback for the second week in a row, and what the team can carry over into this weekend. We give you keys and predictions for Dallas, tell you why the Eagles WILL win the division, and Dunph had a little something for the Alshon haters. Finally, we give you our weekly NFL picks, as always.This week is for the division, this is a MUST listen. We completed our Toy Drive for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, it was an amazing turn out! Thank you to everyone who made that possible!We had a huge turnout for this week's show, many new faces, don't miss the part of the show where JG flips on a dude who thought it would be a good idea to play the jukebox during a radio show!!We gave away our tickets to this Sunday's game at the end of the show!!!Congrats to Lillymae, a dear friend of the show--for winning the tickets to the game on Sunday. Lilly has been supporting us from the start so it was awesome to see her win the tickets!Make sure you come out next Tuesday to hopefully talk about an Eagles victory! We have a Brandon Graham strip-sack autographed 8x10 photo for you to win!See you then!As always, thank you for your continued support.FLY High!!