Episode 116 - It's a ?hole, but it's my ?hole!


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Those Guys Over There


This week we lament on the state of the country. Is the US a failure? The country can be so great, but are we still on the path for greatness? We were ever? How do we fix it?These are really heavy questions, with hard answers and so do we bring them? Maybe. But we for sure bring the laughs.Topic Timestamps:2:20- Tim's Car Rant11:45 - Tom's Taco Tweet17:00 - Is The Country A Failure?Twitter - www.twitter.com/TGOTpodcastFacebook - www.facebook.com/TGOTpodcastInstagram - www.instagram.com/TGOTpodcastPodchaser - www.podchaser.com/TGOTpodcastDiscord - www.discord.gg/5PN3kNzTheme music can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/flyboicamp/entertain-prod-tony-heat