Episode 160: Series Wrap Up Part I


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Another Lousy Millennium: A Futurama Fan Podcast

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You're not gonna eat a sandwich from a truck stop men's room are you? Eh, what's the worst thing that can happen.? Listen in as Luke and Gabe kick off part 1 of their series-wide wrap up, and discuss their overall favorite episodes of Futurama. Follow us on Twitter @ALMPod or on Facebook at facebook.com/almpod/. Check out our website at almpod.com. On this show: Gabe and Luke discuss their painstaking processes for choosing series-wide favorites. Gabe discusses how one of his choices inspires him to be a better writer. Luke and Gabe talk about how much doing the podcast has changed their outlook on the show. Gabe shows off how he remembers more quotes from Luke’s favorite episodes than Luke does. Gabe and Luke reflect on the legacy and lasting power of the show.