Episode #170 Marc di Saverio Featured and Gregorio Gomez's New Book Reviewed


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Poetry Spoken Here


Marc di Saverio reads poems from his new collection "Crito Di Volta" recently published by Guernica Editions. The book is about a young man released after a decade of institutionalization. Marc discusses the inspiration for the book and how he practices reading his poems for hours so that he can properly communicate them to an audience with exact rhythm and cadence. In the second part of the show, host Charlie Rossiter reviews the new book and CD from Chicago poetry legend, Gregorio Gomez. Check out Gregorio's Poetry Spoken Here feature from Episode 007, here: https://soundcloud.com/poetry-spoken-here/episode-007-gregorio-gomez-and-dan-wilcoxs-50000-photo-collection Get a copy of Crito Di Volta, here: https://www.guernicaeditions.com/title/9781771835213 SUBMIT TO THE OPEN MIC OF THE AIR! www.poetryspokenhere.com/open-mic-of-the-air Visit our website: www.poetryspokenhere.com Like us on facebook: facebook.com/PoetrySpokenHere Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/poseyspokenhere (@poseyspokenhere) Send us an e-mail: poetryspokenhere@gmail.com