Episode #172 Mike Bernhardt on Poetry, Grief, and Voices of the Grieving Heart at 30


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Mike Bernhardt discusses the collection "Voices of the Grieving Heart" which he first edited and published shortly after the death of his first wife in 1991. Now, an expanded 30th anniversary edition includes poems that touch on the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to poems, the collection has writing prompts and blank pages so readers can add their own work. Learn more about Mike and get a copy of "Voices of the Grieving Heart" here: https://mikebernhardt.net/ SUBMIT TO THE OPEN MIC OF THE AIR! www.poetryspokenhere.com/open-mic-of-the-air Visit our website: www.poetryspokenhere.com Like us on facebook: facebook.com/PoetrySpokenHere Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/poseyspokenhere (@poseyspokenhere) Send us an e-mail: poetryspokenhere@gmail.com