Episode #173 Raúl Sánchez on When There Were No Borders


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Raúl Sánchez, poet laureate of Richmond, Washington and author of the new book "When There Were No Borders," reads his poems, describes some of the creative ways he has brought poetry to new audiences as poet laureate of Redmond, Washington, and shares some of the ways he helps students gain comfort with using language. Get a copy of "When There Were No Borders" here:https://www.flowersongpress.com/books-1/p/when-there-were-no-borders-poems-by-ral-sncheztlatecatl SUBMIT TO THE OPEN MIC OF THE AIR! www.poetryspokenhere.com/open-mic-of-the-air Visit our website: www.poetryspokenhere.com Like us on facebook: facebook.com/PoetrySpokenHere Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/poseyspokenhere (@poseyspokenhere) Send us an e-mail: poetryspokenhere@gmail.com