Episode 19 - "West to East"


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DiceKnights: A D&D Actual Play Podcast


The party travels east to the nation of Dolthrein in search of Rogan's quarry, Grund.   Dane - Played by Cyclops Dante - Played by Micah Diovonni - Played by GG Orianna - Played by Rose Rogan - Played by Nate Zephyr - Played by Jacob Game Master - Cameron   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiceKnightsPodcast/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiceKnights Email Us! Contact@DiceKnights.com   DiceKnights is a DnD podcast seeking to share experiences in a primarily roleplay environment. The characters will exhibit flaws and quirks that will show their humanity. As in real life, people make mistakes and are tied to their past in various ways. DiceKnights aims to show the grit and struggle that characters go through before and during their journey into heroism. Addiction, selfishness, ignorance, and immorality are constant struggles of life, and this podcast aims to bring that into the game as a challenge for the characters to overcome.