Episode 2: Rosedale Brick Oven Italian Resaurant


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What's Up Naples

Society & Culture

Joe Arato and Joe Gonnelly were both born in Brooklyn, New York. They met each other ten years later when their families moved to Rosedale (Queens). In Rosedale they became best of friends and remain so to this day. As the years passed, they both relocated their homes and families to Nassau County, Long Island. Throughout their long friendship, the love of good food had been a constant, mutual bond. As kids, they loved eating at the local pizza parlors. As they grew older, this appreciation expanded to Italian restaurants. Eating a good meal was always an “art” the two Joes shared. They would always and still do as a joke today, start a conversation with their usual question…”D’ja eat yet?” It was an event before the fun began or one to end the night. The dream shared by both Joes had been that of opening a restaurant, which would make the quality of food the most important feature along with an at-home atmosphere.  They would serve great food using fresh ingredients at reasonable prices while surrounding patrons with a warm and comfortable ambiance