Episode 2 : Secrets Chased: The Reckoning of Dr. Samay's Enigmatic Past


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Distorted Love Disorder (in Hindi)


Embark on an enchanting journey with 'Distorted Love Disorder' audio series!

Immerse yourself in Episode 2, 'Secrets Chased,' as we delve into Dr. Samay's mysterious past. Join the pursuit as a persistent VIP unravels hidden truths and connections.

Let the captivating music enhance your experience:

1.) "A Call to the Soul" by Markotopa

2.) "Bathroom - Chill Background Music" by Chillmore

3.) "Atmospheric Cinematic Soundscape" by Defekt_Maschine

4.) "Chasing Victory (Main)" by Daddy_s_Music

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Crafted by Gourav Kundu, this AI-powered audio story is penned by Sahina. Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and emotion! #DistortedLoveDisorder #AudioDrama #AIStorytelling