Episode 21 - Shotgun Blast Processing Into the Next Generation


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Grizzled Veterans


In this epic 100 minute episode we catch up after a prolonged hiatus. On the slab this time we've got our thoughts on the latest Metal Gear news a little update on our Final Fantasy XIV progress and a trio of reviews with Beyond:Two Souls, Mirror of Fate HD and Arkham Origins. A brief salute to N7 Day 2013 rounds out the first part of our show before we delve into our thoughts on the launch of the Playstation 4 and the start of the new generation of gaming. So sit back and enjoy the real McCoy, Grizzled Veterans. We love to be followed, Jason @JasonRoseEh Donovan @EyE_roB0T http://www.gamingenthusiast.net/ IGN Jason - TehCandian Donovan - EYErobot