Episode #21 Solutions for Democratic Capitalism


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Over the course of the last decade, MPI researchers have looked at the problems faced by democratic capitalism from a number of different angles. In our last episode, MPI Institute Director Roger Martin talked about some of the solutions he’s explored for the problems facing our democratic, capitalist system. He specifically had call-to-actions for four different actors: citizens, policy makers, business and educators. On this episode he drills down further, offering the what, why and how for each actor. There are echoes of past work from across MPI’s existence; while these are Roger’s solutions, they were arrived at through the blood, sweat and tears of people like Richard Florida and MPI’s talented fellows and researchers. But this is far from simply a greatest hits of our work; it’s a holistic assessment of our political system and the people who work within it. Notably, their roles are not siloed – when one actor pulls a lever, it affects the actions of the other three. Music used in this episode: Wake - "Steppin" Jahzaar - "The Last Ones" and "Siesta"