Episode 22- 2013 Year in Review


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Grizzled Veterans


Because you love us so much we bring you another epic episode to close out 2013. We keep it pretty simple this time and the episode is basically in 2 parts. The first half is our take on the good, bad and ugly things things that happened in the gaming industry this year. The second half of the show is all about celebrating our picks for games of the year based on what we played so if we missed something it's probably because we couldn't get to it in time or it's not in one of our preferred genres. So sit back, pour yourself a rum and egg nog and help us wrap up 2013. Cheers and happy holidays from GV. Jason @JasonRoseEh Donovan @EyE_roB0T http://www.gamingenthusiast.net/ IGN Jason - TehCandian Donovan - EYErobot