Episode 24- What are the paths of liberation? A story of Shri Ramchandra and Hanuman Chapter 1 - From Muktika Upnishad


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Stories from Upanishads

Religion & Spirituality

Muktika Upanishad is the last of the 108 Upanishads which is derived from Shukla Yajur Veda. I have extracted this story from this upanishad which presents a dialogue between Lord Shree Ramchandra and Lord Hanuman, where in Hanuman asks Lord Ram about the vedanta, upanishads and paths of salvation. This episode features adhyaya 1 or chapter 1 from the Upanishad.

Do you know what are the 108 Upanishads? How they are categorised? What are the different shanti mantras of each category of Upanishad? What are the different paths of liberation? What is "Kaivalya", the highest state of emancipation? To know more, please listen to this episode.

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