Episode 27: FLY Travel Radio Episode 166: Pee Cloths, Music and Mountains, with Anastasia Allison


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FLY Travel Radio with Melissa Rodway

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I truly loved talking to Anastasia Allison. Anastasia is the Founder of Kula Cloth, an "antimicrobial pee cloth for anybody who squats when they pee" (kulacloth.com). Since my interview with Anastasia, I now have a Kula. I absolutely love it. This is a must for all active, outdoorsy women. In this interview, Anastasia generously shares her experiences about being bullied, shattering suffocating beliefs around work and money, the acceptance provided by the outdoors, and the importance of daily dancing. Anastasia is also a talented violinist who is part of The Musical Mountaineers, where the love of music and the mountains is experienced in the most unique way.This is a conversation that really spoke to me as we all contemplate new chapters, what we are living for and how to be confident in our passions and dreams. There is much to learn from Anastasia Allison, and I truly wanted to jump through Zoom to go for a hike with her. Enjoy.Original broadcast on CIUT 89.5FM and www.ciut.fm. All FLY Travel Radio episodes can be heard here: https://flyrodway.com/flypodcast/travel-podcast-episodes/