Episode 285: Dysfunctional Family Game Night


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I Heart Geek


Ever feel like flipping the board? Do you wish they would stop skipping you with one card left? Are you tired of being challenged for every 10 syllable word you allegedly know? Well we go over all that and more in this episode of the I Heart Geek Show. So, if you love to geek out over your favorite board games come over and join us for a little Dysfunctional Family Game Night!!! You can find us on YouTube or wherever you get your podcast content and on all social media channels @iheartgeekshow If you enjoy what you see please like/comment/subscribe to join this amazing Geek community. Visit our website www.IHeartGeekShow.com You can also join the geeky fun over on discord. Just click the link to jump on in: https://discord.gg/ZMG3mA7XYF Do you wanna support us with virtually no hassle? Shop Amazon through this Link https://amzn.to/2VS4dbu Visit our favorite charity, www.BroadwayHearts.org And as always....Keep On Geekin On!!! #YourJourneyBeginsHere #IHeartGeekShow #KeepInGeekingOn #podcast #family #boardgames