Episode 31: FLY Travel Radio Episode 170: 7+Years, 194 Countries, Nine to Go. No planes. With Thor Pedersen, Once Upon A Saga.


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FLY Travel Radio with Melissa Rodway

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There are a handful of people who have travelled to every country in the world. There is only one person who is travelling to every country in the world without flying. This week on FLY Travel Radio, Thor Pedersen of Denmark shares his 7+ year journey of traveling through 194 countries and counting via bus, train, and every type of boat. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart. Thor discusses his gruelling schedule, daunting logistics, and minimal budget that has been his life since 2013. Thor is an ambassador for the Danish Red Cross which is a big part of this project, as well as his quest to spread awareness about the universal goodness across countries and cultures. COVID has kept Thor in Hong Kong for the last 14 months, where he is waiting to tackle his 9 remaining countries. You will not meet a nicer guy. I felt honoured to have spent an hour talking with him. Tune in to learn more about Once Upon a Saga.Original broadcast on CIUT 89.5FM.Complete FLY Travel Radio Collection can be found here: https://flyrodway.com/flypodcast/travel-podcast-episodes/